Wednesday, December 9, 2009

State Park Passport Legislation Held up In House of Representatives

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from Nancy Krupiarz, Executive Director, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance

It’s fantastic that the state park passport bill to create a new source of revenue for state parks has finally moved through the Legislature to the last station in the process, that of being voted on by the House of Representatives. Senate Bills 388 and 389 have passed the Senate and have passed through the House Committee within the last few days. BUT, we have a problem. The Speaker of the House, Representative Andy Dillon (D-Redford), is holding up the bills from entering the House Floor for a vote. Why??? It is because there is a move to tie-bar these bills to other legislation which would double the vehicle registration rate to produce money for roads.

We believe the two issues should stand on their own. Our state parks and state trails are desperately in need of this new source of revenue. And it would actually lower the cost of a state park entrance fee and get more people enjoying these natural resource assets that Michigan has in these tough economic times. It is good for the state’s tourism and good for the people.

Please contact the Speaker of the House, Rep. Andy Dillon and urge him to let these bills go without a tie-bar to a vote in the House. We believe there is enough support from the House of Representatives to actually pass these bills and send them to the Governor. But it will take your voice to help them get there. Speaker Dillon’s office phone number is 517-373-0857. Please give him a call, and if you want to read up on the bill one more time before doing so, go to and plug in the bill number, 388 and then 389 to see the bill information. Thank you and if you know of any of Speaker Dillon’s constituents in Redford and Dearborn, please also take the time to contact them and have them call as a constituent in support of sending these bills for a vote.

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