Thursday, December 17, 2009

Michigan Tech Designs Human Powered Trail Wheelchair

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based on a news article at Michigan Tech News

A student team at Michigan Tech University has designed a wheelchair that can navigate uneven ground, climb 28 degree slopes, and be taken safely downhill as well.

The chair is geared similar to a bicycle, and is propelled with a rowing motion by the user. The projects John Beard, team sponsor, and his students have seek to create vehicles that the disabled can use on natural surfaces.

Issues addressed by the designers are ease of getting in and out, weight of the chair, stability, and comfort of the seat and harness. Other features include one-way bearings to prevent rollback, a suspension seat to minimize pressure points, and adaptability for different sized users. The team stayed within the $3000 budget.

Josh Dorr, an engineering student who worked on the project said, "It could be produced more cheaply, and it would work for getting people out hiking, hunting and fishing."

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