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Quiet Waters Symposium, March 6, 2010

quiet waters symposium
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based on information from Quiet Waters

The Quiet Water Symposium celebrates non-motorized outdoor recreation and a shared concern for our Great Lakes Environment. It is held each year at Michigan State University as part of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Week.

At the Symposium visitors will find presentations by world famous authors, photographers, and expedition travelers. Other presentations may cover skills, safety, local and distant destinations. There may be presentations on bicycling, sailing, diving, and history.

The Symposium has a wide range of exhibits on the show floor. You will find clubs and nature centers. Handcrafted and historic watercraft will be on display. Biking, hiking and water trails are represented. Conservation and watershed groups are available. A number of outfitters and liveries are represented to support your outdoor adventures. We have a growing selection of outdoor oriented retailers as well.

Programs set for 2010 feature familiar favorites such as Cliff Jacobson and Eric Hansen. New Programs this year include:
Gary and Joanie McGuffin who are renowned adventurers, nature photographers, writers, and conservationists. They have canoed on waterways throughout North America, bicycled from the Arctic to the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans, backpacked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail, sea-kayaked Greenland's fjords and Mexico's Baja Peninsula.
Phil Cotton will present the Crown land canoe routes that lie on the Caribou Forest to the west of Wabakimi Provincial Park provide access to the park from paved Highway 599 as well as strategic links to nearby St. Raphael and Albany River Provincial Parks. Volunteer participants of The Wabakimi Project have spent the past three years exploring, rehabilitating and mapping the canoe routes of this virtually-roadless area.
Jonathan Ahlbrand on the Basic Concepts of Sailing. For thousands of years, sailing vessels such as sailing canoes, clipper ships and modern sailboats have shared the basic physical principles of harnessing the wind. This session will provide a basic introduction to the modern sport of sailing as well as an orientation to the underlying principles of how sailboats work.

This is a very small portion of the offerings at this event which is packed with content.

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