Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Outdoor Blips - News Feed For Outdoor Lovers

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You may have noticed the chiclet that now appears on the posts near the top. This is for the news feed site, Outdoor Blips.

Very few social networks include categories for outdoor activities. This can be extremely frustrating to those of us who live and breathe enjoyment of such activities. The newest one I've found is Outdoor Blips. There are categories for Hiking & Camping, Hunting & Fishing, Water Adventure, Climbing and Other.

Anyone can submit an outdoor story to the news feed by going to the site. And, more to the point here, if you like any story on this blog, just click the chiclet, and you have voted to move the story higher in the news feed.

And if you go to Outdoor Blips, you can find great collections of news on those topics.

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