Friday, July 3, 2009

Crooked River Lock at Alanson Reopens

Crooked River Lock at Alanson
Crooked River Lock at Alanson
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The Alanson Lock on the Crooked River near Petoskey has been closed since June 16. The waterway is popular with recreationists and connects Crooked Lake, Pickerel Lake, Burt Lake, Mullett Lake, and via the Cheboygan River to Lake Huron.

Maintenance workers had found a possible crack in a shaft and other problems. The reduction gears were removed from the lock and sent to a Detroit area machine shop for repair. The lock is maintained by the Corps of Engineers. After expecting a closure of only a couple of days, the extended shutdown has severely impacted local businesses.

But the lock reopened on July 1, after testing. It is operated by the Department of Natural Resources. The lock equipment, which is 41 years old, will undergo a major overhaul this fall, after the lock closes for the season.

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