Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kalamazoo Portage Trail Section Closing for 3 Years

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based on a news article in the Kalamazoo News, "Portage trail section to close for I-94 work," by Tom Haroldson, July 4, 2009

While the I-94 Freeway is being widened a section of the Bicentennial Park Trail will be closed. M-DOT has stated that it may need as much as three years for the work to be completed.

Work will begin Monday, July 6 on the $52 million I-94 project. Most motorists will only experience single-lane closures or traffic shifts. But runners, cyclists or walkers who used to pass beneath the overpass north of Milham Avenue will need to take a detour for the entire time.

Thanks to recent improvements to Lovers Lane with sidewalks and bike lanes, an alternate route between Milham Avenue and the Bicentennial Park activity area exists for trail users.

Barricades will be put in place and the detour posted. Sections of the trail from the Kilgore and Milham entrances will remain open, but dead-end barricades will be set up near the closed part of the trail. The dead end sections may be used by turning around at the barricades.

Complete information and a map of the detour is provided at the City of Portage web site.

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