Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sharing Our Trails: A Guide To Trail Etiquette

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from a news release of The Blue Ribbon Coalition

A group of national and state trail advocacy organizations representing equestrian, OHV, and bicycle interests recently completed a collaborative effort to develop a new guide called "Sharing Our Trails - A Guide to Trail Safety and Enjoyment." The guide is intended to be used in a variety of ways such as incorporation in trail brochures, magazine articles and trail education programs of all types.

The purpose of the guide is to improve safety and improve trail satisfaction for all trail enthusiasts on multiple-use trails. To quote the document itself, "In many parts of the country, trails are open to and shared by equestrians , OHV riders, bicycle riders, runners and hikers. Trail sharing can and does work when people respect each other and work cooperatively to keep each other safe."

Lori McCullough, Executive Director of Tread Lightly!, Inc., said, "The Tread Lightly! ethic has always encouraged respect and courtesy between all trail enthusiasts, but conflicts still occur. This joint effort in educating all recreationists on the best practices for sharing trails shows common ground and collaboration can lead to improved trail experiences for all."

Twenty groups and agencies worked together to develop the document. "Sharing Our Trails: A Guide To Trail Etiquette" can be read by following the link below.

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