Saturday, June 6, 2009

National Trails Day at Blacksmith Bayou

showing wrought iron wares
blacksmith Darla Selander displays her wrought iron works (photo by O Young)
by JHY

Blacksmith Bayou, south of Brethren, rang with the sounds of a blacksmith's hammer today as local smith, Darla Selander, demonstrated her skill. She brought a portable forge salvaged from a farmer's field and restored to working order.

hikers ready to walk
hikers preparing for a trek (photo by O Young)

The event was sponsored by the Spirit of the Woods Chapter of the North Country Trail Association. Blacksmith Bayou National Forest Campground is less than a half mile from the North Country Trail and is easily reached via a spur trail. Just below the campground the trail crosses Leitch Bayou where the club has done considerable work on bridges, puncheon, benching and treadway in the past several years.

Hikes on this day headed north through an interpreted section of the trail to High Bridge. High Bridge was a trestle crossing of the Manistee River by the former Pere Marquette Railroad.

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