Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nature Rocks

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a news release of Nature Rocks

Nature Rocks is a new initiative created to inspire and empower parents to take their families out to play, explore and enjoy quality time in nature for happier, healthier and smarter children.

The Children & Nature Network has teamed up with REI, The Nature Conservancy, ecoAmerica, and the American Camp Association to bring you Nature Rocks. Nature Rocks brings families and nature together.

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"The benefits of nature for children are fundamental. We have seen tremendous growth in the movement to get children back outside, as parents realize these benefits for their children, and themselves, and spread the word," said Richard Louv, C&NN co-founder. "And, as families look for lower cost vacation options, we hope they will discover that nature offers them a personal stimulus package – the joy and cost-effectiveness of summer getaways in nearby nature – saving money while improving the physical and emotional well-being of their children."

As part of this effort, Nature Rocks introduces its 2009 Summer Nature Staycation Planning Guide. This free Guide provides parents and caregivers with information and tools to enjoy no- or low-cost summer vacations in nature that are close to home. With summer fast approaching, parents are looking for fun, family activities. Nature Rocks is an ideal solution. Regardless of budget, kids' ages or experience – the staycation guide will help parents plan affordable and fun activities in nature.

Nature Rocks is an ongoing initiative and the website and all related materials will be updated frequently to provide families with the most current tools and information to connect with nature.

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