Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two Ski Opportunities, Jan 10

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Crystal Valley Pathway
Join the Spirit of the Woods Chapter of the North Country Trail Association on January 10, at 10 am, at the Crystal Valley Pathway for a ski/snowshoe outing. The event will be led by Ellen Lightle, and the distance will be decided upon by those who attend. The trails at Crystal Valley Pathway are groomed, so snowshoers are asked to hike beside the trails. Bring your own water and snack. Follow the link below for directions.

Big M
Break out the new and old cross-country ski and snowshoe equipment and join us for a fun afternoon and evening! Share stories, equipment maintenance, and technique information with experienced winter enthusiasts. Enjoy a ski or hike and chili with volunteers from the Manistee Cross-Country Ski Council. Most trails are groomed and offer beginner, intermediate and expert runs. A Moonlight Ski will begin at moonrise. A bonfire will be lit, so bring your marshmallows!

Big M is groomed and maintained during the ski season, in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service, by volunteers of the Manistee Cross-Country Ski Council; donations are appreciated and crucial for maintenance and upkeep of grooming equipment. Big M has a plowed parking lot, warming shelter and toilet.

Discount Big M Event weekend rentals are available at The Outpost, in Manistee. Other area rentals include; Provisions Sport Shop in Ludington and Pine Creek Lodge on M55.

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