Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grand Rapids Group Hoping for Rapids

Grand River downtown Grand Rapids
(photo from NOAA)
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Grand Action is thinking about summer and free-flowing rivers. Their thoughts turn to the Grand River. It is the largest river in Michigan- 260 miles long, and passing through eight counties before reaching Lake Michigan at Grand Haven.

But Grand Action hopes to take their kayaks no farther than downtown Grand Rapids for some extreme fun on the Grand River. But the rapids for which the city was named no longer exist, and not just during floods such as the one pictured here.

There are at least four reasonable options for restoring some white water to the Grand. One involves creating a channel parallel to the river. The City of South Bend did this by diverting water from the St. Joe River. The other three proposals involve changes to the 4th Street Dam.

Grand Action is a non-profit organization of 250 community leaders who have brought innovative ideas to Grand Rapids.

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