Friday, January 23, 2009

Karner Blue Butterfly Survey Opportunity

Karner Blue Butterfly
from Heather Keogh, District Wildlife Biologist, USDA Forest Service, Baldwin/White Cloud Ranger District

The Baldwin/White Cloud Ranger District, located in western lower Michigan, is looking for volunteers to assist in monitoring the federally endangered Karner blue butterfly within the Manistee National Forest in 2009. The District is conducting various surveys between May and August in order to assess the status of Karner blue butterfly populations, develop a habitat suitability model, identify high priority areas to target management, and evaluate the effectiveness of different treatments at restoring Karner blue butterfly habitat. A more detailed description of our Karner blue butterfly monitoring program can be found in the attached outreach notices.

Last summer, volunteers contributed a total of 158 volunteer days, which allowed us to monitor over 800 acres! We need volunteers again this year to achieve our monitoring goals for 2009. There are opportunities for individuals of all skill levels to participate. Training will be provided. Interested parties can volunteer during weekdays, for a few days or for a week or more. Reimbursement for mileage and housing (on a first-come/first-serve basis) is available. Paid internships also are available. If you are interested in participating in the 2009 field season, please contact me. Also, please distribute the attached notices to anyone you think might be interested in volunteering. Thank you.

See Likely Habitat of Karner Blue to be Mapped, Oct 2005
See USFWS Recovery Plan - Karner Blue Butterfly, Oct 2003
See Endangered Karner Blue Butterfly, Sep 2001
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