Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New Scottville Playground Open

Scottville playground
wrapped in orange fencing, delivered but not quite ready
The new Scottville playground being installed at McPhail Field looked gift-wrapped in orange plastic fencing, but lonely as it awaited the final stages of installation last week. The unit was delivered, and placed on its wood-chip filled base.
Scottville Playground
ready for play!
The finishing touches were applied and an official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Monday afternoon with a pack of kids on hand to try it out.

Dedicated volunteers worked hard, and Scottville organized several local fundraising projects to raise money for this unit. Two Golf Outings brought in funds, the Scottville Area Business Association supported the project, and there were private donations.

The playground includes swings, toddler swings, a mini "rock" wall, two wavy slides and a toddler slide, and various climbers. There is a picnic table provided for adult seating nearby.

The playground is readily visible at the east end of McPhail Field by the tennis courts.

by Joan H. Young

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