Monday, July 2, 2007

E-Coli Count Closes One Local Beach

The Silver Creek Outlet Beach off Lighthouse Drive in Oceana County's Golden Township is currently closed due to an E. coli count of 626 colonies per 100 mililiters of water. Closure occurs when a count exceeds 300. This beach is located where the Silver Lake outlet reaches Lake Michigan.

Samples were taken by Mark Hill of District Health Department 10 in Oceana County. As of 2003, local health departments which perform beach water quality sampling are required to report beach testing results to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Water samples are regularly taken on Mondays with the results known on Tuesdays.

E. coli contamination usually indicates the presence of fecal matter, usually from sewer overflows, storm runoff, or even animal droppings such as seagulls.

Persons coming in contact with water with high E. coli may develop abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, and a low-grade fever. Symptons appear one to two days after exposure and can last for about five days.

E. coli counts at local beaches on July 2 were as follows:

from the Ludington Daily News
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