Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ludington Forms Parks Advisory Board

An advisory committee has been set up to review parks in the city of Ludington. This will allow for more public participation in the future of recreational facilities.

The goal of the committee is to enhance the current park system and develop ideas for the future. Councilor Kaye Ferguson-Holman wholeheartedly supports the creation of the committee saying there are a lot of people who really care about the parks in Ludington and serving on the committee will give them a chance to provide input.

The council will appoint private citizens who have knowledge and/or strong interest in area parks and open spaces to serve on the committee. At least one member of the committee will be appointed from the City Planning Commission. There will be a total of seven members.

The committee will report to the existing Cemetery, Parks, and Recreation Committee.

Councilor Paul Peterson cast the lone vote against the committee. Peterson voiced the opinion that such an advisory group would set unachievable goals.

by Joan H. Young

Contact Greg Dykstra, Chairman, Cemetery, Parks and Recreation Committee
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