Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pentwater River to Have Lampricide Treatment

July 1st treatment will affect 120th Avenue to Pentwater Lake, both North and South Branches

Sea lamprey larvae live in certain Great Lakes tributaries and transform to parasitic adults that migrate to the Great Lakes and kill fish. Failure to kill the larvae in the rivers would result in significant damage. Infested tributaries must be treated every three to five years.

The US Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency have reviewed human health and environmental safety data for lampricides and have concluded that the lampricides Lampricid and Bayluscide pose no unreasonable risk to the general population and the environment.

However, as with any pesticide, the public is advised to use discretion and minimize unnecessary exposure. Lampricides will be metered into the stream for approximately 12 hours, and continually analyzed at predetermined sites to assure that proper concentrations are maintained.

excerpted from the Ludington Daily News, June 21, 2007- see FAIR USE notice.
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