Friday, June 15, 2007

Lifeguards at Stearns Beach this Summer

Ludington has hired six full-time and four part-time lifeguards for Stearns Park beach and plans to have them on duty from noon to 6 pm daily starting Saturday, June 16.

The question of whether to have lifeguards at the city beach have been debated for several years, and the question arose again at Monday night’s council meeting, with councilors taking a stand on both sides of the issue.

The city has budgeted about $30,000 toward lifeguards. Mayor John Henderson said the city did not have lifeguards last year because it did not have the money. But this year the city’s fund balance has risen, leaving some additional money for the council to consider spending.

"We can afford to have [lifeguards] and we should put that in place," Henderson said. "We don’t want to have a tragic event to prove that value."

excerpted from the Ludington Daily News, June 15, 2007- see FAIR USE notice.
City of Ludington
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