Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fish Survey of Pere Marquette Lake

DNR surveys Pere Marquette Lake to determine fish populations

Pere Marquette Lake is undergoing a fish survey this week thanks to a crew from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Tuesday's netting with gill and Fwyke nets revealed a few surprises - nine walleye between 28 and 31 inches, and a brown trout near the 15-pound mark.

"We want to look at the whole fish community of Pere Marquette Lake," Fisheries Biologist Mark Tonello said. "Game species, non-game species, the whole nine yards. We want to see what kind of forage we've got in there. We want to look at growth rates."

Fisheries technicians release most of the fish alive, taking just a small sample.

Other highlights of Tuesday's netting were a 20-inch gizzard shad, some pumpkinseeds, a handful of keeper-size pike and some perch.

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