Monday, September 19, 2011

Tails to Trails Raises $10K for Animal Shelter

small rescued dog
shelter pet (photo by Animal Match Rescue Team)

based on several news articles

Isabella County’s Humane Animal Treatment Society raised about $10,000 Sunday for the operation of their shelter. The run/walk takes place each year at Island Park in Mt. Pleasant. Participants were welcome to bring their own pets, or to take a dog from the shelter.

The walk and 5 kilometer run use the Chippewa Trail system, with the run being staged in the morning and the walk in the afternoon. Participants who raised more than $75 received a T-shirt.

HATS Executive Director Jill Irving commented, "Many people who have adopted pets from the shelter use the opportunity to give back by either paying their own fee to take part, getting pledges from others, or both."

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