Friday, September 2, 2011

Epic Runners Meet at North Country Run

Terry Hitchcock
Terry Hitchcock (from the cover of his book)

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This past Saturday, two epic runners were on hand at the North Country Run, staged at Big M near Manistee.

Terry Hitchcock ran the equivalent of 75 marathons in 75 days, at age 57. His book, A Father's Odyssey, tells of the challenges involved. He now travels the country as a motivational speaker. A movie about his quest was produced, called My Run, and his theme is "Nothing is Impossible."

Steve Knowlton was inspired by Hitchcock's run, and set out on one of his own, from St.Paul, Minnesota to Atlanta, Georgia. He has also completed a run from the northwest corner of the state of Washington to the southeast coast of Florida, over 4000 miles. His purpose was to raise awareness of Crohn's disease. He also hopes to raise money for that cause.

The two men had previously met, and are friends. Both live in Minnesota.

Hitchcock sold copies of his book on Saturday, and talked about the changes in his live that led him to take on such a run. Knowlton actually competed in the event, calling it a "tough course."

The North Country Run is a race with ultra marathon (50 miles), marathon and half marathon options. It is in its 12th year, and always fills fast, with a long waiting line for registration.

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