Monday, July 25, 2011

Kalamazoo River Oil Spill Cleanup On Schedule

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Kalamazoo River cleanup (photo from Enbridge)

based on a news story from WZZM TV13

Enbridge, the company whose pipeline burst, spilling oil into the Kalamazoo River in 2010, is staying on schedule with cleanup. The local Township Supervisor states that every deadline has been made, and efforts have exceeded the required work.

The final step is to purposely agitate sediments which causes the oil to be released and rise to the water surface. There it can be trapped with booms and removed. Work is focused on areas at Ceresco Dam, Morrow Lake and Mill Pond

The EPA has set a deadline of August 31 to remove as much oil as possible from the river bottom. Some sections of the river may be re-opened for recreation by the end of 2011.

Several new riverside parks will be created as part of the mitigation. These will include boat launches, picnic areas and parking.

It is still unknown what caused the pipe rupture despite study by the National Transportation Safety Board. Cleanup is projected to cost $550 million, but Enbridge says they are committed to completing the job

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