Friday, July 15, 2011

Geoff Hansen
Geoff Hansen

from Nancy Krupiarz, Executive Director
Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance

Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance is pleased to announce that Senator Geoff Hansen (R-Hart) has introduced Senate Bill 555 to create a specialty fundraising plate for Michigan trails. It creates a Michigan Trails and Greenways Fund within the State Treasury to receive the revenues from the license plate and any other monetary donations or assets that are contributed. The Secretary of State would administer the sale of the license plates and audit the account as needed. The funding would to to Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance on a quarterly basis for the development and promotion of the establishment of the statewide trail network. The specialty license plate would cost $35 with $25 coming to the fund.

As you know Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance has reactivated its small grant fund this year which has been used to help accelerate a few trail projects across the state and we hope to be able to expand both the number of grants and the amount given.

The bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Transportation and will be taken up for its first committee hearing in the fall. Stay tuned for progress on this exciting new legislation, and I hope that you will be willing to help advocate for its passage!

We believe there are many people, corporations, and agencies out there that are willing to support the cause of Michigan trails!

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