Sunday, February 20, 2011

Search and Rescue Courses for the Public

compass and map

from Fortune Bay Company, used with permission

Kent County Search and Rescue is putting on their SAR School 2011 (with the help of Fortune Bay Expedition Team). They have opened four courses for the public as a fundraising effort.

These courses are packed with information and meet the standards of various SAR and Emergency Service Agencies. If you are a SAR member or if you would just like to learn more about the subjects, then these may be for you. These will be evening courses held at the Kent County Sheriff's Department or a Kent County Location. You don't necessarily have to have the equipment and you DON'T have to be part of a SAR Agency to take them.

Courses are:
1. Land Navigation & Orienteering (fulfills many Boy Scout Merit Badge requirements) - March 22, 23
2. Survival & Improvisation - April 5
3. Human Tracking and Search Technology - March 17
4. Technical Rescue/ Ropework - April 19

Fees are cheap, $20 for each class ($30 for Technical Rescue)

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Doug in Missoula said...

If more hikers and campers would take some survival courses, the SAR teams would have less to do. People who enter wilderness areas with no idea of what they might encounter create potential SAR situations every day.

Unknown said...

Doug - I agree.

That's why this SAR team is offering their survival course to the public.

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