Saturday, February 26, 2011

PM Township Could Buld Multi-Use Path on Ludington Ave

Ludington Avenue east
Ludington Avenue east- no place to walk (photo by jhy)

based on a news item in the Ludington Daily News, Feb 17, 2011

Trying to walk from downtown Ludington to the stores and services along the mall-like strip on east Ludington Avenue is a dangerous and uncomfortable project. Finally, there is a serious proposal to extend a walkway beyond Memorial Medical Center at the City boundary, into Pere Marquette Township.

Currently, in the winter, one can walk in the 5-lane road or wade through deep snow. In other months there is an intermittent muddy path, no fun to walk, and nearly impossible to navigate with a baby stroller or shopping cart.

Tanya Avery and Joe Maloney would like to see that change. Avery is the building/zoning/assessing assistant for Pere Marquette Township, and Maloney is a concerned citizen, retired from the Ludington Planning Commission. The proposed walkway would be entirely within Pere Marquette Township.

The first step, Avery said, is to get approval from the Michigan Department of Transportation. Then property owners will need to agree to the pathway, funding raised, and maintenance responsibilities assigned.

Ludington mayor, John Henderson, supports the idea. He sees it as a way to encourage wellness, and allow connections for everyone to the east side of town.

Many people do walk from town, at least as far as the Fairgrounds, on a regular basis. It seems like an easy assumption that if the experience were pleasant, many people would use the options of walking or biking to reach these destinations.

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