Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Idlewild Park

pier at Idlewild Park
pier at Idlewild Park
(photo from the Ludington Daily News)

based on a news article in the Ludington Daily News

The culmination of a three-year project was realized on October 25, with the dedication and opening of public access to Idlewild Lake. The project, named Idlewild Lake Access Park, has been part of the dream of those who are seeking to restore Idlewild. The village was formerly a preferred vacation spot for African-Americans, before civil rights and equal access.

The new park is located on about 10 acres of land at the south end of the lake. Facilities include an accessible fishing pier, picnic tables, a sandy canoe beach, and water pump. Most of the park is on a bluff overlooking the lake, with a paved ramp leading to the water.

The park's creation has been a partnership between the Michigan DNRE and Yates Township. Ron Olson, DNRE recreation division chief, said, "The no-fee park will be a good place symbol for Idlewild and a functional place for people to enjoy the lake."
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Sound Proud International said...

this seem to be a very relaxing place. good thing parks like this are still being built.

alvi said...

nice blog..maybe can you blogwalking in my blog..thanks before,,

sound proud international said...

loved what you posted here. thanks for sharing it to us. good day!

The Author said...

Sounds as though it's going to be a wonderful place and any land saved from development is a plus.

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