Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holland Downtown Will Have Temporary Ice Rink

ice skaters
family skating (photo by JHY)

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Holland, Michgan, City Council has approved $6000 for the creation and maintenance of a temporary outdoor ice rink, as an experiment. The exact location is still under consideration, but two possible sites are between College and Columbia Avenues, on 7th or 8th St. The other location is Riverside Park.

The money will be used for a liner, 18-inch high boards, brackets, a resurfacer, and other construction needs to prepare the site and maintain the rink. Although the usability of the rink will depend completely upon the weather, Councilwoman Nancy DeBoer calls this an “experiment.” To build a permanent rink would cost in the neighborhood of $1-4 million dollars. This option is a very inexpensive way to test the idea, and gauge local interest.

The temporary rink will be 70 feet by 100 feet. The Council plans to determine the exact location within two weeks, and materials should be on-site in a month.

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VanillaSeven said...

Would love to try on the ice rink :)

sound proud international said...

thanks for sharing this. good day!

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