Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meade Township (Mason County) Funded for New Park

Meade Township Hall
Meade Township Hall (photo by JHY)
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Meade Township Hall was moved in 2006 to a location about 5 miles east of Freesoil, on Freesoil road. Township Supervisor, Lois Krepps, says that the hall is used much more often than it used to be at the old location. Yet, people really would like a few more amenities. Now they will get them, perhaps even this summer.

The Michigan Recreation Trust Fund has awarded $34,000 to the township, and $11,300 local dollars will be added to that. As a result, look for the addition of a picnic shelter large enough for 4 tables, a drinking fountain, and a unisex, accessible rest room on the property.

Krepps said that this is the first phase of a five-year plan. Next on the agenda is the building of a mile-long nature trail.

More recreation options in Mason County are always welcome.

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