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Walk For Warmth, Feb 23, in Four Local Counties

Walk for Warmth
photo: Northwest Michigan Human Services Agency
Communities can rally to raise funds to help low-income families and seniors with heating costs with the Walk For Warmth.

There are many low-income people, maybe your neighbor or a family member, at risk of having their heat shut-off during these harsh winter months. We have all seen the increase on our personal home heating invoices. Families, many with young children, will have to make a tough choice between heating their home or paying other necessary bills, such as rent or even food costs. FiveCAP provides assistance to qualifying low-income households with funds raised by this annual "Walk for Warmth" fundraiser.

Walks will be held on Saturday, February 23, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. throughout FiveCAP's service area of Mason, Lake, Manistee, and Newaygo counties.

Pick up a pledge form at any FiveCAP office locations: Scottville, Baldwin, White Cloud, and Manistee.

A "Warm Heart Award" is given to participating organizations in each county who raise the most group donations. This traveling award trophy remains in their possession till the next annual event. Thank you for your support and participation.

Direct monetary donations are accepted year round. Contact your County FiveCAP Office of the FiveCAP Main Office at (231) 757-3785 for more information.

The state-wide Walk for Warmth fundraiser began with just one warm hearted man in 1986. It was a very cold winter that year, and Tim Kurtz was the Outreach Director of a Community Action Agency in Michigan. Tim began to feel the desperation of families when they would weep in his office because there was no help to keep their homes warm.

Tim decided to walk in his home-town streets for 24 hours in the frrrridgid February weather to understand what these families go through. What is it like to have no heat; to feel cold for 24 hours each day, he wondered? His walk made the community aware that there are many local people who need help with heating emergencies.

Since Tim's walk, warm hearted volunteers across Michigan have gathered each year to walk together and help their less fortunate neighbors with heating related emergencies during Michigan's sometimes brutal winters.

Here's how to raise $100 in one week!
Day 1: Sponsor yourself for $25
Day 2: Ask two family members to contribute $10
Day 3: Ask five friends to sponsor you for $5 each
Day 4: Ask five co-workers to contribute $5 each
Day 5: Ask one neighbor to sponsor you for $5

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