Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Belt, Suspenders Can Carry it All

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by Howard Meyerson
belt carrying system
Tom Wiersma wears his
carrying system for hunters (photo from MLive)
"Tired of digging around in a daypack for your binoculars, flashlight, shotgun shells, field guide or GPS?

What if you could just reach over to your shoulder or hip and touch it?

Tom Wiersma may have an answer to the "where the heck is my blah blah" blues.

Wiersma, the president of Duckbill LLC in Grand Rapids, calls it body borne customizable carrying gear.

That mouthful refers to a rugged belt and suspender system and an assortment of different fabric modules that can be clipped onto one or the other so that your bullets or walkie-talkie are right where you can find them.

It's not a replacement for a backpack... "

finish the story at the Grand Rapids Press, Feb 8, 2008
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