Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ottawa County to End "No Swim" Warnings

no swim advisory sign

based on a news article in the Grand Rapids Press

Due to the fact that it takes 24 hours to get the E.coli results from beach water testing, Ottawa County will no longer issue beach advisories.

Shannon Felgner, communications specialist for the Ottawa County Health Department, stated that last year, they were able to confirm that surges in E. coli levels are short lived. By the time results were learned, and an advisory was issued the danger had already passed.

Muskegon agrees that this time lag is a problem, but stated that they will continue to post warnings. They hope to procure fast-result test kits for next year, but the kits are not yet approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

All reports can be seen through the Michigan DEQ BeachGuard web site. Historical data allows people to make decisions about using beaches which seem to have ongoing problems.
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