Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TART Trail May Get Tunnel

South Airport Road Traverse City Michigan
South Airport Road, Traverse City, Michigan (from a TV 7&4 video)

based on a news stories from Tunnel under South Airport Road? , and Study results take a closer look at trail plan

"South Airport Road is 'The Wall,' stated Ted Okerstrom, one of the planners and proponents of a tunnel to take the Traverse Area Recreation Trails (TART) underneath the busy street, which is currently the barrier separating the TART system from the Boardman River Trail.

TART Executive Director, Julie Clark, says, “The tunnel provides the most access to the most types of user; skiers, hikers, bikers and even canoeists can use it.” This plan places the tunnel along the Boardman River Trail, providing a connection between the whole TART system and the Boardman River system.

This connection would provide downtown Traverse City residents, pedestrians, bicyclists, and skiers off-road access to Grand Traverse County's athletic fields, Nature Education Reserve and the Boardman River valley.

Funding stands as the biggest challenge, but Traverse Trails is planning to apply for grant money. The project is a partnership between City of Traverse City, Charter Township of Garfield, Grand Traverse County, Sara Lee, and Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation (TART) Trails, Inc.

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