Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rough Legged Hawk in Mason County

rough legged hawk
caption (photo by Dave Dister)

received from Dave Dister

Dave Dister is working on becoming the man who "wrote the book" on birding in Mason County, Michigan. This was received from him yesterday:
Today while driving south on north Angling Road in Victory Township, I drove by a rough-legged hawk on a spruce tree near the road. I quickly turned around, drove back and got a few photos before it took off. I was only 35 feet or so away from the bird- how cool ! Also, note that as a rule RLHAs [rough-legged hawks] perch on the tips of trees vs. the similar sized RTHAs [red-tailed hawks] which perch on major branches. This is even noticeable from a great distance.

If you want to be on Dave's birder e-list and receive updates directly, contact him at Dave Dister
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