Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Only $30 to Learn to Ski in January

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from a news article in On the Snow News

For the 17th year, ski areas across the state have teamed up with Michigan McDonald’s restaurants to offer a popular and very affordable introduction to the sport of skiing and snowboarding, called Discover Michigan Skiing.

The motto is "Humans Were Never Meant to Hibernate." For prices ranging from $20 to $40, during January 2011, you can rent equipment, get a lift pass or trail pass, and basic lessons. The program is aimed at beginners.

Twenty-three ski facilities are offering the package, which will be honored from January 3 through January 31, 2011. The program is open to everyone 7 years and older.

The lesson normally covers basic maneuvering on skis or snowboards, including stopping, turning, riding the lifts, and getting up from a fall.

To sign up, interested beginners must have a Discover Michigan Skiing Value Voucher. They are available in December at participating Michigan McDonald’s restaurants and MSIA retail ski stores while quantities last. A printable voucher is also available online. The voucher lists all ski facilities offering the program. Participants choose the place they wish to visit and then must call to pre-register. Program times differ from ski area to ski area.

As a special bonus, everyone who completes the program will receive a packet of ski information in the mail, including a coupon valid for $20 off the purchase of $100 or more in ski-related merchandise at participating MSIA retail ski shops.

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Unknown said...

"Interesting post, thanks!"

humble opinion by sirrob said...

How I wish there's snow here in our place.

Doug in Missoula said...

My first and only ski "lesson" was from a girl friend, back in 1972. After twenty minutes on the dope slope she took me up and showed me a double diamond, which very nearly killed me. I still have the scar on my shin where the ski cut me as I egg-beatered down the course.

Doug in Missoula said...

Skiing and snowboarding are best learned with the assistance of a competent instructor. Now that could mean a relative, but usually it is best to have a "neutral" and professional instructor. Kind of like teaching your daughter to drive a car; sometimes letting a professional do the job will help keep peace in the family.

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