Friday, October 15, 2010

Grass Fire at Nordhouse Dunes

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Nordhouse Lake (photo by JHY)

based on a news article in the Ludington Daily News

A small grass fire was contained at the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness in Mason County last week. A hiker discovered that an abandoned campfire on the northwest shore of Nordhouse Lake had spread, and began to knock the fire down even while summoning the U.S. Forest Service.

Carol Nilsson, USFS Fire Information Officer, reported that the fire was pretty much under control when crews arrived. The area burned was small, about 0.2 acres. Nordhouse Dunes is a popular federal Wilderness. If a fire would have gotten a hold the area could have been devastated.

Nilsson added that they are seeing fires burn quite deep this fall. The area is rich in peat, and fires tend to burn underground. This allows them to spring up, on the surface, at a distance away from the point of origin. Always douse fires to prevent this from happening, rather than simply breaking them up.

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