Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kayaker Rescued After 24 Hours

James Olsen
James Olsen

based on a news story at 9&10 News

James Olsen set out for some grouse hunting, kayaking on Backus Creek and the Cut River in Roscommon County, yesterday. But Olsen didn't return home that night, and his wife called the Sheriff.

The search began at about 2 am on Tuesday. Temperatures in the 40s only increased everyone's concern. The search was conducted by helicopter and kayak. Woods in the area is very thick, making foot travel nearly impossible.

Late this afternoon, Olsen was found, walking near M-18, far from where he had begun his outing. He explained that he had become lost. With low temperatures predicted again for tonight, everyone was relieved to have found the man before dark.

News Channel 9&10 includes a video at their site.

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Ferd said...

Thank God he survived that first night! And thank God there are people who were worried and concerned for him.

I have often thought, though, that anything worth doing, and anything that is adventuresome and fun, carries an element of risk. That's living life!

Noypi said...

Wow! Good thing he was found.

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