Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alpena Man to Rollerblade Across US

Al Schiller
Al Schiller (from sk8thestates)

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An Alpena man, Al Schiller, leaves Sunday, August 29 on a 3500 mile trek across the United States. On eight wheels. On roller blades.

Schiller is an Olympic speed skating hopeful, but decided to temporarily divert his energy toward this project after his application to the Pepsi Refresh Project was accepted. Pepsi is granting millions of dollars to people who "refresh the world," and make it a better place. They have given Schiller $25,000 to finance his efforts to raise even more for a good cause.

Along his route from Atlantic City to Los Angeles, Schiller will raise money for the Youth Heart Watch program, which places defibrillators in schools. Schools can apply to Schiller, and he will distribute the devices to the winners after his journey is complete.

He will also speak at high schools along the way. "I am thankful for the backing I have and the amount of effort that my team is putting into this. People will know exactly what Sudden Cardiac Arrest is," he explained. He has a heart for those who have died for lack of a simple medical device, and their families.

The journey is expected to take four months. You can read more about the quest at Schiller's web page, and his blog.

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