Saturday, July 17, 2010

Harbor Springs Teens Survive Kayak Ordeal

boys who survived kayak ordeal
Josh Bonter and Jeff Parson (still from video at 9&10 news)
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based on a news article at 9&10 News

Friends Josh Bonter and Jeff Parson headed out to kayak on Lake Michigan's Sturgeon on July 14, 2010. They were heading toward Waugoshance Point in Wilderness State Park, north of Harbor Springs.

Their plan was to kayak to the island off Waugoshance Point and return to shore. But the wind picked up, making the big lake too choppy. Instead, they decided to remain on the island. They had water and a lighter, enabling them to stay hydrated and build a fire before a storm moved in. However, neither boy had shoes!

Resourcefully, they caught frogs to cook for dinner. However, their families were becoming alarmed and eventually the Coast Guard out of Traverse City was dispatched. They were picked up the next morning and taken back to Harbor Springs. Neither one required medical attention.

A Coast Guard spokesman stated that the young men made the right decision to get off the water and stay put.

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1 comment:

Sam said...

what a relief. the boys' wise decision saved them. nice story.

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