Saturday, August 29, 2009

Help Shape the Kalamazoo County Trails

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a news release of Southwest Michigan Planning Commission

Where do you want to see Trails, Bike Lanes and Non-Motorized facilities in Kalamazoo County? Give your input, this event is free and open to the public. Tell your friends and anyone who has an interest in Trails, Bike Lanes and Non-Motorized facilities in Kalamazoo County!

At this meeting attendees will accomplish the following:
1.Create a vision of connected trails in southwest Michigan.
2.Discuss the prioritization of projects.
3.Test the usability of the map.

This public input meeting will contribute to the progress of the 9-County Non-Motorized Transportation Plan for Southwest Michigan. The 9-county plan will be utilized by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), local officials and advocacy groups to prioritize non-motorized investments in the region and will provide a vision for a non-motorized transportation network that will be used to secure private and governmental funding for implementation. Plan development is being funded by MDOT. The Southwest Michigan Planning Commission (SWMPC) is facilitating and writing the 9-county plan with assistance from the Southwest Michigan Alliance for Recreation Trails (SMART). The SWMPC is working with several partners to develop the plan, including Kalamazoo County Parks, Kalamazoo County Road Commission, Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study and many others.

Let’s work together to create a connected non-motorized trail system!

For more information on SMART, see Southwest Michigan Planning Commission
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