Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lost Lake, A Gem Added to Muskegon State Park

Lost Lake, Muskegon, Michigan
Lost Lake (formerly Mierendorf property)
now part of Muskegon State Park

condensed from Land Conservancy of West Michigan

The Land Conservancy of West Michigan has acquired one of the last remaining undeveloped properties adjacent to the Muskegon State Park. Lost Lake and the surrounding 68-acres are now a permanent part of the park.

Alcoa Foundation put the campaign over the top with a $50,000 grant. Over 350 donors contributed to reach the $230,000 required for the purchase.

The treaure of the property is the wetland and body of water known as Lost Lake. The wetland is home to several rare plant and animal species.

Hikers and skiers can approach the lake via park trails. Some of these trails continued on the private property of the Mierendorf family. The park has long desired to acquire the property, but could not agree on a price with the Mierendorfs. With the help of funds committed by the Michigan DNR, the required amount of $420,000 (purchase price and other costs) was raised by August 30, 2008.

The eastern half of the acquisition is wooded upland hills, and includes a small creek. This section provides not only wonderful hiking opportunities, but the spring migratory bird season brings many species to these woods.

The protection of Lost Lake and the surrounding acres helps preserve a green corridor along Lake Michigan as North Muskegon continues to experience growth and development.
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