Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ludington Avenue West End Set For Big Changes

Ludington City Council heard the details of seven phases of changes coming to the west end of Ludington Avenue, where the road reaches Lake Michigan. The project was discussed at the October 22, 2007 Council meeting.

$1.76 Million dollars worth of changes will be made to the south end of Stearns Park. City Manager John Shay says that the timing of each phase will depend upon funding. The phases may not occur in numerical order.

Phase 1- Court Street at Lakeshore Drive will have sidewalk and diagonal parking added. This is near the present playground, and the proposed Skate Park. Cost: $99K

Phase 2- Landscaping and walkways south of the Loomis Street Boat Ramps. Cost: $130K

Phase 3- Traffic Circle and pedestrian lanes where Ludington Avenue meets Stearns Outer Drive. Cost $549K

Phase 4- Extending the walkway through the Loomis Street parking area, and additional parking. Cost $248K

Phase 5- The south concession stand in Stearns Park, and the fish cleaning stations will have patios added. Cost $238K

Phase 6- A walkway from Ludington Avenue to the breakwater will be built. Cost $183K

Phase 7- A parking lot will be added near the old Coast Guard Station. Cost $265K

from an article in the Ludington Daily News, October 20, 2007

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