Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mark Fenton to Keynote Planning for Tomorrow’s Transportation Needs

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from the Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study

Mark Fenton is one of the nation's foremost experts on walking. He is a former editor of Walking Magazine, and currently hosts a PBS series, "America's Walking." He will be the keynote speaker at the 2009 Michigan Transportation Planning Association Conference, July 14 – 17, 2009 downtown Kalamazoo.

This year’s conference “Planning for Tomorrow’s Transportation Needs” is being held in conjunction with the Michigan Association of Regions and covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from freight planning to healthy communities to transit planning for metropolitan areas.

The “Planning for Tomorrow’s Transportation Needs” conference is also for those people interested in non-motorized transportation planning. We are excited to have Mark Fenton, a dynamic speaker and former PBS Television Host, on Thursday, July 16th to discuss the health impacts of walking and how to create a walkable community. He will also lead us in a discussion on working with the media, as well as a walking excursion in downtown Kalamazoo, highlighting the importance of Walkable communities.

See Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study for more information and registration materials.
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