Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holland Outdoor Discovery Center Lures Kids Outside

kids playing in water at Holland Discovery Center
kids touch the water at the Holland Discover Center (photo from WZZM TV 13)
based on a a news article at WZZM TV 13, "Weekend Adventure: Outdoor Discovery Center," April 17, 2009

"The Outdoor Discovery Center's basic goal is to get people outdoors and teach them about the natural beauty of Michigan," said Jamie Krupka, program director for Holland's Outdoor Discovery Center. Kids are spending less and less time outdoors and more time with video games and computers.

A class of five-year-olds from Zeeland Quincy Elementary School was about to embark on a day of discovery. Jamie wants the kids to leave understanding a little bit more about the natural world. "You can't appreciate something you don't know," she explained. And if you don't appreciate it, you won't respect or preserve it.

At the Discovery Center there are lots of things for kids to see and touch. It's very hands on. Whether feeling a snake skin or meeting a live Rocky Mountain Elk, the class will not be substituting virtual experiences for real ones.

The 120-acre nature preserve is home to many species of birds, and also cares for 14 large birds which were injured and healed, but cannot return to the wild. These include hawks, owls, eagles, and turkey vultures.

Kids are obviously fascinated, and adults aren't far behind. The Center is open every day of the year, during daylight hours. There is a video at the news link.

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Mary VanJeseen said...

I love the ODC! My kids love seeing the birds of prey, hiking on the trails in search of frogs and turtles and cant' get enough of the big sand box! It's a must see in Holland.

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