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Missauke Nature Festival- May 2

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An open house is planned for May 2 at the Missauke County recycling center in Lake City. Everyone is welcome to visit and check out the new feature. The building is complete.

A Nature Festival will take place right next door to the recycling center at the Missaukee County Offices. Many activities are planned on or near the Nature Trail at 6180 W Sanborn Road, Lake City, on Saturday, from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.

Band Blasting Workouts
     Fun, low impact exercises that you can do at home, all you need is a resistance band.

Build Your Own Terrarium
     Build your very own terrarium to take home with you.

Build a Bagel Birdfeeder
     Take home a tasty morsel for your feathered friends to enjoy.

Alphabet Hike
     Walk the trail and find letters of the alphabet grown in nature.

Scavenger Hunt
     The purpose of this activity is to teach participants to be observant and respectful of nature.

Girl Scout Cookies
     If you missed your chance to purchase girl scout cookies, Girl Scouts will be selling their wares.

     Always a favorite. Hotdogs and a drink will be served on the trail.

Recycling Displays
     View practical ideas to reuse or recycle everyday items.

Missaukee District Library
     A display of “reusable” books, magazines and movies available. Visit your local library for nature, recycling and earth information. Need a library card? Come and fill out an application.

Seedlings for Sale
     Missed the seedling sale? No problem, come browse our seedling offering; products remaining from tree sale taking place April 24-25 will be available.

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